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Instructions For Authors

Instructions For Authors

Abant Medical Journal is a peer-reviewed general medical journal and welcomes manuscripts in Turkish and English. The Journal publishes scientific researches, reviews, editorials, letters to the editors, and interesting case reports in all fields of clinical specialties. It is issued three times per year, and distributed in electronic format.

The Editors of the Journal accepts to follow 'Editorial Policy' of the 'Council of Science Editors' (

The Editorial Board has the right to reject or return the articles not complying with the conditions of publications to its author(s) for the editing, and shortening of its contents or improvement or arrangement of its format.

The articles should be logged in, and submitted on-line via the Journal’s website ( and tracked Papers sent through other written or on-line media will not be taken into consideration.

All of the articles submitted to the Abant Medical Journal should fit to the “information of authors’ details. The assessment process will not start until this step is completed.

The articles submitted to the Journal should not be published elsewhere or sent for future publication, and this issue must be confirmed in “TRANSFER OF COPYRIGHT AGREEMENT FORM” by the signatures of all contributing authors. (Form is available in the relevant This form containing original “wet” signatures of the authors should be sent to the communication address of the Journal.) Articles submitted previously in medical meetings of any sort will be accepted in case of previous notification. Authors, who wish to withdraw their papers because of delayed publication or for other reasons, should apply to the Journal with a written request form. Any royalty is not paid for the articles published in the Journal. The authors must assume all the responsibility of their manuscripts.

Copyright Transfer form

Preparation of Manuscript
Double spacing on one side of the paper only, uses preferably Times New Roman, 12 point font size. Manuscripts should be written using clear and concise English or Turkish, with English standard spelling and conventions.

Articles published in the Abant Medical Journal should be prepared in ethical rules. The ethical responsibilities of the articles belong to the authors. For the studies both conducted on human beings and animals as well as drug researches, ethical committee approval should be taken. The manuscripts will not be published without a copy of the “ethical committee approval”. 

For all of the studies conducted on human beings, informed consent of the participants should be taken. Authors should obey the rules in “Helsinki Declaration”, “Good Medical Practice Guidelines”, and “Good Laboratories Practice Guidelines”. 

Names of the patients, protocol numbers, etc. which identify participants’ identities should not be used in the manuscript. If the editorial board finds necessary, the admitted articles will be reviewed by the ethical advisors of the journal. Authors submitting an article must accept this situation. 

Article Sections
The text file should include the title in Turkish, keywords, the title in English, keywords in English, the text of the article, references, tables (only one table for one page) and figure legends (if any), respectively. Within the text file, the names of the authors, any information about the institutions, the figures and images should be excluded. 

Abstract: Turkish and English abstracts should be given together with the article title. It should be divided into four sections in the following order: Objectives, Materials and Methods, Results and Conclusion. Abstracts should not exceed 250 words. Abstracts for case reports should be unstructured and shorter (average 100-150 words; without structural divisions in Turkish and English).


The author is responsible for the accuracy of the references. Citations in the text should be identified by numbers in brackets. The list of the references at the end of the paper should be given according to their first appearance in the text, listing all authors and using journal abbreviations as listed in Index Medicus.

Articles from Journals:
Karabekmez FE, Irgın C, Sağlam İ, Görgü M. Yüz Bölgesi Distraksiyon Osteogenezis Uygulamaları. Abant Med J 2012; 01: 1-7.

BG Katzung: Special Aspects of Geriatric Pharmacology, In: Bertram G. Katzung, Susan B. Masters, Anthony J. Trevor (Eds): Basic and Clinical Pharmacology. 10th edition, Lange, Mc Graw Hill,USA 2007:983-90. 


Tables should be typed separately and numbered consecutively. They should bear brief title and column headings should also be short. Abbreviations should be explained under associated table. Tables (short title and descriptive information) should be presented in separate pages.

Figures Tables (short title and descriptive information) should be presented in separate pages. Please note that only file formats with .jpeg extensions could be uploaded to system 

Conflıct of Interest
If any of the writers have a relationship based on self-interest, this should be explained. 

DOI Number

A DOI (digital object identifier) number will be allocated to all accepted manuscripts.

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