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Abant Medical Journal is the official publication of the Abant Izzet Baysal Univesity Medical School. The journal is published three times in a year and in April, August, and December. The official languages of the journal are Turkish and English. 

Abant Medical Journal is a scientific journal that publishes retrospective, prospective or experimental research articles, review articles, case reports, editorial comment/discussion, letter to the editor, surgical technique, differential diagnosis, medical book reviews, questions-answers and also current issues of medical agenda from all fields of medicine and aims to reach all national/international institutions and individuals. 

Abant Medical Journal will give priority to all studies that reflect the local characteristics of the Western Black Sea Region. 

Any processes and submissions about the journal can be made from the website:

Abbreviation of the Journal is “Abant Med J”.

The author(s) undertake(s) all scientific responsibility for the manuscript.

Abant Medical Journal
Abant Izzet Baysal University Medical School
14280 Golkoy Bolu-TURKEY
Phone: +90 374 253 4656
Fax: +90 374 253 4559

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